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West Fayette Village

Fayette County, Georgia

HISTORICAL CONCEPTS BEGAN WORKING WITH THE CITY OF FAYETTEVILLE and the Fayette County Development Authority in 2006 to develop a conceptual master plan for nearly 2,000 unincorporated acres of this metro-Atlanta community. The plan now provides a working blueprint for managing economic development and community growth, as well as a unified vision for future development of the region. This vision incorporates residential, office, education, hospital expansion, recreation, retail, and civic uses, while integrating the existing landscape into sustainable villages. The plan builds upon, yet respectfully preserves, the community’s rural heritage.

The planning efforts with the City of Fayetteville continue today. At present, a team including Historical Concepts and other multi-disciplinary professionals are working with various city and county departments on an ordinance to guide future development. There have also been a number of spin off studies as result of the initial planning work and continued relationships.

THE VISIONING TEAM started the planning process with analysis of the existing conditions and the proposed program for the land.

A BRAINSTORMING SESSION generated several sketches based on feedback from local municipal representatives. The general consensus was to create a series of cohesive planned neighborhoods while maintaining the natural character of the area.

THE VISION, OBJECTIVES, AND PRINCIPLES that guide the master plan improve upon conventional haphazard suburban planning and employ traditional town planning ideals that remind us of the small towns and villages that our ancestors have enjoyed for generations.

Rivers Hamlet

Taking cues from the existing picturesque landscape, Rivers Hamlet weaves larger farmstead lots around existing farms.

The vision for Rivers Hamlet includes a farmers market that stretches out to the working farm.

Trammell Hamlet

Sustainability plays a key role in the planning of Trammell Hamlet.
Alternative sources of energy, such as power harnessed from the adjacent solar farm, will be incorporated into the existing power line easement.

Building upon existing paths and hedgerows, Trammel Hamlet’s rolling hills suggest a pastoral character and its neighborhoods wrap around existing farmland.

Lester Hamlet

LESTER HAMLET’S mom-and-pop styled establishments — perhaps a café, coffee shop, bookstore, or organic market —
will act as a village center that provides for the needs of residents and fosters a sense of community.

Lester Hamlet addresses the main thoroughfare with a large park,
an open greenspace reminiscent of equestrian pastures. The park will be lined by mixed-use buildings designed to reflect the scale and aesthetic of traditional farmstead structures.

CURRENTLY UNDER REVIEW, the West Fayette Village ordinance is a
hybrid community planning document that combines elements of
traditional development codes with those of the SmartCode.