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Old Town

Columbus, Georgia

OLD TOWN, LOCATED IN COLUMBUS, GEORGIA is an emerging development inspired by traditional towns of the American South. This new community offers a mixture of uses arranged in a walkable pattern, modeled on the historic districts and neighborhoods of nearby Pine Mountain, LaGrange, Locust Grove, and Newnan, Georgia. When complete, Old Town will echo the charm and tradition of these historic places.

Plans for the community include a variety of housing options for people at different life stages; young professionals, families, and empty-nesters. The real draw of Old Town is the collection of rural and natural amenities contained within the site and easily accessible to all. There will be a community farm and farm stand, miles of nature trails, several playing fields, creeks and lakes, as well as planned recreation facilities. With a network of paths and sidewalks connecting residential neighborhoods, the town center, and community amenities, Old Town features the best of town and country.

In this narrative, the thriving modern town was once a grouping of rural farmsteads. At the heart of these farmsteads, a country crossroads with general store was established. As this outpost grew, a town square was formed, and over the decades more development followed, resulting in the Old Town we know today.

PHASE ONE OF OLD TOWN connects to existing streets and surrounding commercial development, but establishes a distinctly traditional plan.

Main Entry
General Store
Green House
Community Farm

THE MAIN ENTRY TO OLD TOWN leads to the General Store, an icon of small town commerce, trade, and community gathering. The General Store sets the tone for Old Town and is the gateway from the rural to the urban. A greenhouse and community farm round out this sense of place.

THE TREE-LINED TOWN SQUARE will be the commercial and civic heart
of Old Town and has an ample green for community gatherings.

THIS SERIES OF PERSPECTIVE AND ELEVATION DRAWINGS of the Village Center demonstrates the variety of architectural styles and building types possible for retail and
office spaces at the street level with walk-up apartments above.

THIS SELECTION OF SKETCHES follows the evolution of The Mill, the first amenity building to be completed at Old Town. Inside the recently completed facility are spaces for events and meetings, a kitchen, game room, movie room, cyber cafe, a well-outfitted gym, and staff offices.