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College Campus Plan

Peachtree City, Georgia

WHEN A SMALL COLLEGE NEAR ATLANTA expressed a desire to relocate its campus, Historical Concepts worked with municipal officials and local development authorities in the nearby suburb of Peachtree City to attract the college to the town. The Master Plan and Conceptual Architecture, which were the result of a visioning and program development exercise, call for traditional campus buildings framed within a main and secondary quadrangle. Mixed-use buildings placed at the edge of the campus serve both students and neighboring residents. Shared recreational facilities and greenspace encourage interaction between the student body, faculty and staff, and citizens to create an atmosphere that is the epitome of a small college town. The complete plan unfolds over three phases to address the college’s immediate needs while also providing for future growth.

Campus Planning

Historical Concepts studied existing college campuses in order to inform the master plan.
Figure-ground diagrams examined the plan and organization of three small colleges with similarly sized student populations.

A 3-tiered Phasing Plan was developed to address the college’s immediate needs while also provide for future growth.

THE MASTER PLAN illustrates a traditional campus plan centered around a chapel and quad sited for strong civic presence.
This plan shows the campus at full development and illustrates its connectivity to adjacent future neighborhoods.

Campus Architecture

TO DEVELOP CONCEPTUAL ARCHITECTURE for key campus buildings, Historical Concepts undertook a precedent study of historic campus buildings. Conceptual designs were created for an administration building, academic buildings, residence halls, and a library. These drawings began to give the campus a vertical character and architectural identity.

AT THE NORTHERN EDGE of campus, two brick classroom buildings face each other across a secondary quad, inspired by traditional academic architecture and campuses. With its symmetry and axis to the adjacent streets, the academic quad forms
a welcoming relationship with the residential neighborhood beyond.