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Idaho Homestead

Hailey, Idaho

THIS HOME WAS DESIGNED FOR A COUPLE THAT ORIGINALLY HAILED FROM THE WEST but had been living along the East Coast for many years. Wanting to settle closer to their children and grandchildren, they purchased land in a valley situated between Hailey and the historic communities of Ketchum and Sun Valley. While eager to relocate to the Wood River Valley, the rugged, heavy-timbered homes prevalent in the mountain region left them uninspired. Looking to the future but desiring a remembrance of their past, the couple wanted their new home to capture the distinct regional charms of the various places they had once lived. Having worked with our firm on two previous projects, they shared a collection of memories with us, confident we could integrate and articulate them in a manner that would complement the mountain setting.

The design reflects the importation of New England and Southern influences. The dormers, for example, are based on the traditional Revival homes of the South, while the stone on the main mass is a nod to the primitive barns and buildings that dot the Pennsylvania countryside. This home reflects a level of refinement and classicism not commonly expressed in the Rocky Mountain region.

~ Shutze Award from the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art ~
Landscape Architecture: Hooten Land Design & Eggers Associates ~ Builder: Lee Gilman Builders ~ Photography: Eric Piasecki

IN FORM, THE TELESCOPING NATURE of this residence is reminiscent of a New England farmhouse, with an evolutionary structure and palette of materials that suggest historical roots.

THE CENTERPIECE OF THE FRONT FACADE is a classical portico, which, upon closer inspection, is actually a cold room. The portico features classic Greek Revival details typically associated with Southern architecture. A distinctly Northeastern feature, the cold room is a practical necessity in Idaho, keeping inclement weather out of the main body of the home.

WHIMSICAL PIERCED PANELS above the door and server openings highlight the contrast between the rustic and earthy palette of the keeping room and the refined and airy mood of the great room.


TO SCREEN THE VIEW INTO THE ADJACENT KITCHEN, the owner commissioned a local muralist to paint a primitive and pastoral landscape on wood panels suspended from a track of forged iron, which can be drawn to separate the spaces.

LONG HALLWAYS not only serve as transitions between shared and private spaces, but also capture light and views.

FRAMED by the distinctive, white-barked trunks of native aspen, the primary suite is reminiscent of an old stone outbuilding.

GIVEN THE EXCEPTIONAL BEAUTY of the location, multiple outdoor rooms and gardens allow the family to thoroughly enjoy the surrounding splendor and abundant harvests.