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Beaux-Arts Estate

Atlanta, Georgia

THIS GRACIOUS, 14,000 SQUARE FOOT RESIDENCE draws heavily from the Beaux-Arts examples of New York and Newport, Rhode Island. Rather than deriving its aesthetic strength solely from elaborate and monumental decoration, this estate draws additional appeal from more subtle and refined classical elements similar to those found in the homes of Northern Italy and Central Europe. The blend of scale, proportion, and detailing created by combining complementary elements of two historical styles is what makes this residence architecturally distinctive.

The Beaux-Arts spirit is most evident in the floor plan, starting with the grand stair rising up from the central hall, serving as a stage from which to see and be seen. Large rooms with high ceilings are arranged in an “H” pattern to form front and rear courtyards offering grand views and maximizing natural light and ventilation, further enhancing the monumental scale of the home. Exterior detailing, such as entry porches with pediments supported by classical columns, rusticated masonry, paired and overlapping classical pilasters, and stone balustrades at the balconies are also hallmarks of the Beaux-Arts Style.

~ Shutze Award from the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art ~
Landscape Architecture: Hooten Land Design ~ Builder: The Bernsden Company ~ Photography: Richard Leo Johnson & Blayne Macauley

AUTHENTIC CRAFTSMANSHIP can be seen in the home’s meticulous detailing, including rusticated and smooth stucco and hand beaten ironwork.

ANTIQUE OAK DOORS from a nineteenth century Parisian palace open into the lower gallery.
From here, French Oak doors lead into the library and a grand stair ascends to the piano nobile.

The Library

AN INTRICATE COFFERED CEILING adds a noble crown to the gentleman’s office.

SUPERIOR WORKMANSHIP IN THE OLD WORLD TRADITION is found throughout the home, executed by master craftsmen dedicated to the building arts.

THE PIANO NOBILE STRIKES a delicate balance, serving the inhabitants daily needs, as well as providing an elegant environment for receptions and entertaining.

The Receiving Room

AN INTIMATE DINING CHAMBER is refined, yet less ceremonious than the dining room beyond.


create a sense of discovery,
providing as many inviting spaces on the property
as inside the main residence itself.