HISTORICAL CONCEPTS is organized into small teams referred to as studios, each led by a principal of the firm. The talent in each studio ranges from seasoned design professionals to recent graduates selected from the nation’s top traditional architecture programs. A multi-generational firm, our culture of collaboration and mentorship is our greatest asset, affording each client both the wisdom of experience and a fresh perspective.

KEVIN CLARK leads a generalist studio that thrives on design challenges of all sizes. Never afraid to tackle something new, this studio has completed projects in a wide variety of styles, scales, and locations. The studio members enjoy working closely with couples and families, finding delight in translating each client’s unique vision into new custom homes. With much of its work informed by historic precedent, this studio also enjoys the occasional opportunity to breathe new life into old homes, accepting select, full-scale renovations in historic neighborhoods. In addition to designing custom homes across the East Coast and Midwest, the studio members are also skilled place-makers, contributing to the visioning, planning and architecture for new traditional neighborhoods and developments throughout the United States.

While his role as President has him sharing time between the Atlanta and New York offices, ANDREW COGAR also manages a design studio alongside DAVID VAN GRONINGEN. The studio focuses on the design of large family estates in the Eastern Long Island and Tri-State Area. Family estate projects combine the team’s passion for land planning and place-making with its experience and skill for designing historically-sensitive renovations and new residential construction. These projects have several layers of private and semi-private uses, including family retreats, nature conservancies, working agricultural preserves and equestrian facilities. The studio also focuses on significant land planning commissions for civic and developer clients. Beyond the New York area, the studio is currently serving clients throughout the Southeast, from Charlottesville to Atlanta to the Florida panhandle.

The New York-based studio led by ELIZABETH DILLON shares a vigorous enthusiasm for the research and academic rigor behind their designs. The team relishes the discovery of both urban and architectural patterns that define a period or place. Understanding the distinguishing characteristics of a place or structure is the exercise; making a new design feel rooted, like it may have been there for generations, is the goal. The studio enjoys working with design-informed residential clients, but it is also making a name for itself with municipalities, helping to shape new infill development and redevelopment that preserves or enhances a great, historic place.

Jim Strickland and Clay Rokicki manage a design studio that is a generational exemplar of the firm’s growth strategy, focusing on mentorship and continuous opportunities for professional development. Currently, the members of this studio are engaged in the creation of family retreats, sporting compounds, and private communities: an array of projects with a common denominator. All are properties which require purposeful planning, well-developed programs for multiple structures, and the design of buildings that carry on the architectural and cultural traditions of the genius loci. In addition to an affinity for place-making projects, the studio is equally thrilled by the prospect of crafting sensitive renovations to historic homes and creating additions that are complementary, in context and scale, as part of an existing home’s generational growth and adaptation.

Versatility is at the core of this design studio, led by DOMENICK TRESCHITTA. Currently serving clients in Atlanta, Birmingham, and New York, as well as across the Southeast coast and New England, this studio’s work includes residential, civic, commercial, and mixed-use projects. Its members are passionate about high style classicism and traditional vernacular styles, but equally enthusiastic about recent opportunities to design whimsical, contemporary interpretations of historical styles and forms. In addition to creating new homes that feel rooted in the past, the studio enjoys taking on historically-sensitive renovations, re-working older homes to function for modern living without sacrificing their innate charm. The studio also offers place-making and town architect services, including master planning, conceptual visioning, design guidelines, and architectural review, as well as the design of amenity and residential offerings for traditional and new urban developments.

Our DESIGN SPECIALISTS serve as a resource across all studios.

Leveraging his 30 years of experience with Historical Concepts, Senior Principal TERRY PYLANT serves as an internal consultant. As a standing member of our Design Trusts, Terry provides design review for all projects, while also mentoring younger staff on matters of design and project management.

AARON DAILY serves as our Director of Best Practices, responsible for keeping abreast of the latest research and information on building science and coordinating with our design studios to ensure the most current construction methods and technologies are incorporated into the firm’s specifications and construction documents.

As Director of Design Enrichment, CLAY ROKICKI develops creative learning opportunities to increase team collaboration and enrich the individuals skills of our design team members.

His unique background and drawing abilities make DAVID BRYANT a valuable firm-wide resource. He is especially sought-after during a project’s Design Development phase due to his unique ability to detail interior spaces.