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With a passion for putting pencil to paper, our designs take shape in layer upon layer of sketches. We continually seek to refine our hands, welcoming the evolution, discovery and happy accidents revealed through the time-honored art of drawing. Historical Concepts sketch work can typically be characterized as a study drawing, a design sketch, or an illustrative presentation graphic, each representing a different phase in the design process.

A study drawing is utilized to record information about the fa├žades, interiors, and details of existing buildings for future reference. These drawings are typically executed in the field and are “free style.” Design sketches are used to explore ideas about a project in pursuit of the solution for each client’s program requirements; these may include notes about materials and measurements, as well as loose sketches to demonstrate an alternative to the element under consideration. An illustrative presentation graphic is developed when the design of a project is complete to demonstrate what will ultimately be built. These types of renderings, often done in perspective, may be realized in black and white or color. Typically the most refined, they are intended to explain the design intent in greater detail.